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DataLeadSales- Consumer Mailing Lists

$70 Per Thousand
Minimum Order 5000 Names
Includes Head of Household
and Full Mailing Address

Our Consumer Mailing List contains over 300 million consumer sales leads and over 150 million households. Give us a call at 1-877-431-0721 or email us, and let one of our Mailing List Specialist help you put together the best list that suites your Mailing List Needs! That will make your marketing campaigns a success! It is an extremely comprehensive and accurate database that we use to target the customers that are just right for your marketing purposes.

Click here to view a consumer list sample.

DataLeadSales- Consumer Databases:

Category One / Most Popular Selects

• Address Type
• Title
• Basic Ethnic Code
• Estimated Income
• Gender
• Homeowner Type
• Household Composition
• Length of Residence
• Latitude
• Longitude
• Marital Status
• Median Home Value
• Median Income
• Median Years in School
• Nielsen County Code
• Oldest Age at Address
• Percent Black
• Percent Hispanic
• Property Type
• Size of Family Dwelling Unit

Category Two / Family and Household

• Exact Age
• Occupation
• Occupation Type
• Dwelling Type
• Presence of Children
• Number of Children
• Child Male 0-2
• Child Female 0-2
• Child Male 3-5
• Child Female 3-5
• Child Male 6-10
• Child Female 6-10
• Child Male 11-15
• Child Female 11-15
• Child Male 16-17
• Child Female 16-17

Category Three / Lifestyle Selections

• Date of Birth
• Month & Year of Birth
• Presence of Email Address
• Country of Origin
• Language Preference
• Religion Code
• Premium Ethnic Code
• Technology Lifestyle
• Athletic Lifestyle
• Fitness Lifestyle
• Outdoors Lifestyle
• Domestic Lifestyle
• Good Life Lifestyle
• Travel Interests
• Home Improvement Interests
• Apparel Interests
• Weight Loss Interests
• Cable Internet Service Users
• Military
• Adult Dating Service Interests
• Online Auction Interests
• Computer Product Interests
• Investor Interests
• Debt Consolidation Interests
• Telecommunications Svc Interests
• College & Higher Education Interests
• Cultural Lifestyle
• Number of Cars Registered
• Recreational Vehicle Owner
• Estimated Home Value
• Blue Chip Lifestyle
• Do It Yourself Lifestyle
• Insurance Interests
• Health & Fitness Interests
• Survey & Sweepstakes Interests
• Opportunity Seekers
• Automobile Interest
• Membership Club Interests

Category Four / Purchasing Habits

• Mail Order Responder
• Mail Order Buyer
• Mail Order Donor
• Revolving Debt
• Summarized Credit Score
• Retail Credit Card
• Bank Credit Card
• Travel Credit Card
• Gas Credit Card
• Finance Company Credit Card
• Misc. Credit Card
• Standard Specialty Credit Card
• Upscale Retail Credit Card
• Upscale Specialty Credit Card
• Value Score


E-mail File Delivery FREE CD-Rom - $35 /F
Four-Across Labels (Adhesive) - $10 / Thousand Data Output –Excel, CSV, TXT Formats Available
Label Format of your Choice - $5 / Thousand Click here to request more information.


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Our clients know we are here when they need us. We apply expert product knowledge, diligence, and a solid work ethic to effectively and lucratively deliver the best results for our clients Mailing List.