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Data Lead Sales Specializes in Homeowner X-Date Lists.

Data Lead Sales maintains two different Databases from which to
pull Homeowner X-Dates.

Data Lead Sales can provide Homeowner X-Dates from County Deed Records for most areas throughout the USA. From this source, we can provide Homeowner Records for Homeowners who are coming up for the Anniversary of their Home Purchase. These X-Dates come with the Homeowners Name, Address, City State, Zip Code, Deed Date, + the Homeowners Age, Income & Length Of Residency & The DNC Scrubbed Phone Number for the Homeowner. We can also output the Year Built on the Home, Home Value or Home Square Feet for an additional 1 cent extra per select.

We can provide any 1000 of these Homeowner X-Dates on diskette for 15 cents apiece, or any 5000 at 10 cents apiece.

Please Add $10.00 per thousand if you need the Names & Addresses on Peel & Stick Labels.


To Speak Directly to a Mailing List Lead Representative call
Toll Free: 1-877-431-0721


To Speak Directly to a Mailing List Lead Representative call
Toll Free: 1-877-431-0721

At Data Lead Sales a “live” person will always answer the phone during business hours!

Our clients know we are here when they need us. We apply expert product knowledge, diligence, and a solid work ethic to effectively and lucratively deliver the best results for our clients Mailing List.